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Common Steel and Performance Analysis Of Injection Mold

Date: 2021-8-11
mould teel

mold steel

(I) C45W medium carbon steel  

American Sta standard number: 1.1730.  Carbon steel or 45# steel Hong Kong called trump steel, the hardness of the steel is: HB170~HB220,

cheap, easy to process, in the mold used as a die, top column, and some unimportant parts, the general standard die on the market is the use of this steel;  

(2) 40 CrMn Mo7 pre-hardened plastic die steel  

DIN: 1.2311, 1.2378, 1.2312 for USA, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Germany and some European countries.  This kind of steel is pre-hardened steel, generally not suitable for heat treatment, but can be treated with nitriding, the hardness of this steel is also a big difference, from 280HRC~400 depending on the standard of the steel mill, because it has been pre-hardened, mechanical cutting is not too difficult, so it is very suitable to do some of the inserts of the lower price mold,  Some large production of the die die frame also use this steel (some customers specified to use this steel as a die frame), the advantage is that the hardness is higher than carbon steel, deformation is more stable than carbon steel, P20 this steel is widely used in plastic moulds, so there are many brands, which are more common in south China:  ASSAB one hundred brand, Sweden produced two different hardness, 718SHB290~HB330 (330~340HRC), 718HHB330~HB370 (340~380HRC).  Datong Steel Works, Made in Japan:  NAK80 (hardness 400HRC+20) and NAK55 (hardness 400HRC+20) two, under normal circumstances, NAK80 do set mold inserts, NAK55 do moving mold inserts, pay attention to NAK55 can not directly do EDM skin, according to the steel agent explanation is the relationship of sulfur, so there are stripes after EDM;  THYSSEN steel mill, Germany, there are several numbers: GS-711 (hardness 340~360HRC),  GS738 (hardness 320~350HRC), GS808VAR (hardness 380~420HRC), GS318 (hardness  290~330HRC), GS312 (hardness 290~330HRC), GS312 containing sulfur can not make EDM lines, in  the Code of GS312 is 40 Cr MNMoS8, BOHLER is made in Austria, the number is: M261 (380~420HRC), M238 (360~420HRC),  M202 (290~330HRC), M202 can not do EDM, also contain sulfur, there are other brands, can not be recorded.  

(3) X 40 CrMo V51 hot work steel  

USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, standard no. : AISIH13, DIN (Europe) 1.2344;  Japan SKD61, this kind of steel factory hardness is: HB185~HB230 heat treatment.  

On plastic mold hardness is generally 480 ~ 520 HRC, can also be nitriding treatment, because of the need to heat treatment, machining is difficult, so on the mould price is more expensive, if need to heat treatment to more than 40 HRC hardness, mould generally by machining is difficult, so before heat treatment must first work pieces of rough machining, by its is:  The water transport hole, screw hole and tapping tooth must be done well before heat treatment, otherwise it will be annealed and redone, so it is time-consuming. This kind of steel is also widely used in plastic molds, so there are a lot of brands. The commonly used brand in our factory is: ASSAB).  THYSSEN their numbers are GS344ESR or GS344EFS.  (We generally use GS344ESR for fixed parts and GS344EFS for moving parts);  Japan’s DAIDOSTEELHI (most Japanese customers specify), there are still a lot of brands, because our factory is not commonly used, so we can not record all.  

(4) X45 Ni Cr Mo4 cold work steel  

AISI6F7 European code: DIN 1.2767, this steel factory hardness HB260, required  

Heat treatment, the general application hardness is 500 ~ 540HRC, European customers are more commonly used this steel, this steel is tough  

Good performance, lighting effect is also very good, because this steel is not common in south China, so there are not many brands, our company uses THYSSEN GS767.  

(v)X42 Cr 13 (stainless steel)  

Factory hardness HB180~240, need heat treatment, applied hardness 480~520HRC, not suitable for nitride heat treatment (acute Angle will crack).  This steel corrosion resistance and polishing effect is good, so the general transparent adhesive and corrosive adhesive, such as: PVC and fireproof material, V2, V1, V0 type of plastic is very suitable for this kind of steel, this steel is also widely used in plastic mold, so there are many brands, our company commonly used are: ONE hundred (ASSAB) S-136ESR THYSSEN GS083-ESR, GS083GS083VAR;  If you use Desheng, pay attention to it. If it is a transparent part, then GS083ESR (ESR electroslag redissolution is to improve the crystal uniformity of steel and better polishing effect) is required for fixed and moving die inserts. If it is not a transparent adhesive part, moving die parts generally do not need high finish, and common GS083 can be used, because the steel price is cheaper.  Also does not affect the quality of the mold, this steel material sometimes customers will require as a mold, because of the rust relationship, can ensure the smooth water transportation of the cooling pipeline, to achieve the stability of the production cycle, there are many brands of this steel, can not be recorded.  

cooper electrode

(vi) X 36 Cr Mo 17 (pre hard stainless steel)  

DIN:  1.2316, AISI420STAVAX, the factory hardness is HB265~380, depending on the specification of the steel plant, if it is transparent plastic parts, our company generally does not use this steel, because when polishing to high finish, due to insufficient hardness, it is easy to have pit marks, and also in the beer molding is easy to have marks, often polishing.  Therefore, 1.2083ESR is still used to harden to 480~520HRC after heat treatment, saving a lot  (although the hardness of the steel is not high, mechanical cutting is easier, die completion cycle is short).  Our company uses this steel for most of the medium-price moulds with anti-rust functions, such as corrosive plastic materials, such as PVC, V1, V2, V0 as mentioned above. This steel is also widely used in plastic moulds, and there are many brands. Our company’s commonly used brands:  ASSAB S-136H, factory hardness HB290~330, THYSSEN GS316 (HB265~310), GS316ESR (30~34HRC), GS083M (HB290~340), GS128H (38~42HRC), Datong, Japan  (DAIDO) PAK90 (HB300~330).  

(vii) X 38 Cr Mo51 hot work steel  

“AISIH11” European DIN 1.2343, this steel factory hardness: HB210~230 need heat treatment, the general application hardness is:  50~540HRC, according to the data of the steel plant, the toughness of this steel is slightly higher than 1.2344 (H13), which is more commonly used in Europe. Our company also uses this steel to make fixed die and moving die inserts. Because this steel is not very popular in Asia and America, there are not many brands, only 2~3 brands in Hong Kong.  Our company uses GS343EFS from THYSSEN, which can be nitridated.  

(8) S 7 heavy duty tool steel  

The factory hardness is: HB200~225 need heat treatment, the applied hardness is: 540~580HRC, this steel is generally required by American customers to use in fixed and moving die inserts and rows, but not common in Europe and south China.  Our company adopts the following brands: ASSAB COMPAX — S7, and THYSSEN GS307. 

(ix) X 155 Cr VMo 121 cold work steel  

AISID2 Europe number: DIN 1.2379, Japan JISSKD11 factory hardness: HB240~255, applied hardness: 560~600HRC, nitridation treatment, this steel is mostly used in the mold on the line (Japanese customers more use).  Brands are: ASSAB XW-41, DAIDO DC-53 / DC11, THYSSEN STEEL (GS-379).  

(x) 100 Mn Cr W4 & 90 Mn CrV8 oil steel  

AISI 01, DIN 1.2510 & AISI02, DIN1.2842 factory hardness: HB220~230, to heat treatment, the application of hardness 580~600HRC, this steel used in plastic mold is generally the line of gaskets and garbage nails, brands are:  ASSAB, DF2, THYSSEN GS-510 and GS-842, LKM 2510.  

(11) Be Cu  

This material is generally used in the position where it is difficult to do the cooling of plastic moulds, because the heat dissipation effect of copper is much faster than that of steel. The brand is moldMAX30/40, and the hardness is 260~320HRC and 360~420HRC respectively. Tecsun (B2) factory hardness is 350HRC.  

(12) AMPCO 940 alloy copper  

The factory hardness of this material is: HB210, used in the mold is also difficult to do cooling place, heat dissipation effect is also ideal, but a little softer than beryllium copper, strength is not as good as beryllium copper, output is not so large mold, can also be considered for use.  

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