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Key Points When Assemble Plastic Injection Mold  

Date: 2021-8-11

Assembly process of plastic molding mold 

Will complete all processing, in conformity with the relevant technical requirements of the drawings and passed the inspection of plastic die von berg systeme, structure and order of standard parts (standard mould base, etc.), part, according to the technical requirement of general assembly drawing and assembly process in order to cooperate one by one, modification, installation and orientation, after qualified through inspection and adjustment, the connection and fastening,  The process of making it into an integral mold is called plastic mold assembly.  The assembled mold is tested for the first time. After passing the test, small batch trial production can be carried out to further test the stability of the quality and reliability of the performance of the mold.  If the problem is found in the mold test, or the problem is found in the sample inspection, it is necessary to carry out further adjustment and repair, until it fully meets the requirements, and the whole process of delivery of qualified commercial mold is called the plastic mold matching process.  

Key points when assemble plastic injection mold

When assembling plastic molds, pay attention to the following aspects:  

1) Before assembly, the assembler should be familiar with the mold structure, characteristics and functions of each part and thoroughly understand the product and its technical requirements;  Determine assembly sequence and assembly positioning datum as well as inspection standards and methods.  

2) All molded parts and structural parts without exception should be qualified products confirmed by inspection.  If there are some unqualified dimensions or parts of individual parts in the inspection, it must be confirmed by the die designer or the technical person in charge without affecting the performance and service life of the die;  Assembly is not affected.  Otherwise, the faulty part cannot be assembled.  The standard parts and common parts purchased must also be finished products that have passed the storehouse inspection.  Similarly, the unqualified ones cannot be assembled.  

3) All parts and components of the assembly shall be cleaned and dried.  Appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be applied during assembly if required.  All tools required for assembly shall be clean, clean and dust-free.  

4) The assembly and final assembly of the mold should be carried out on the flat and clean platform, especially the assembly of the precision parts should be carried out on the platform.  

5) The parts assembly of interference fit (H7/ M6, H7/ N6) and transition fit (H7/ K6) should be carried out on the press, and the assembly should be in place at one time.  When manual assembly is required without press, it is not allowed to use hammer to directly hit mold parts (clean wood square or board should be used), only wood or copper hammer can be used.  

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