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Mold Design

Date: 2021-8-18


Most Professional and creative design team



Do you believe as the saying goes, well begun is half done?

Trust me, here a good mold design for your product means even more?

Want your injection mold design considered every piont from beginning and avoid losing in future modifications?

Want your mould design with lower mold cost but with better efficiency and more value to your product?

Your product deserve an excellent mold design. 

TKB have 5 professional and creative mold designer, Fluent technical communication in English.

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mold design


DFM Report

The DFM, design for manufacturing, allows product designers to identify in advance before mold fabrication to obtain and fix all details and or problems that might encounter  in during the manufacturing process, so as to avoid extra cost for future modification. TKB Mold has adopted the DFM practice for all projects to precisely pre- define all detailed specification, tolerances, rules, requirements. So bring customer faster delivery qualified parts onto the market with much faster lead time.


DMF checking point including:

Mold layout

material and shrinkage

critical dimension

Gating type, location, size

ejector pins, sleeve and eject block

Draft angel

Parting Line

Mold flow

Logo & Surface finish



Mold flow analysis (moldflow) , refers to using data simulation software, doing injection molding simulation via computer, will get the data after simulation of the mold injection molding process, to evaluate in advance of the mold fabrication feasibility, in order improve the mold design and product design before mold making and finally reducing cost and timing for future modification.  Plastic mold commonly used software Moldflow, Moldex3D, etc.  


Mold analysis includes analysis for:

Plastic material

Wall thickness

Feed system

Processing conditions

Filling process and time

The pressure at V/P switchover

The temperature at the flow front

Sink marks estimate

Average volumetric shrinkage

Weld lines

Defection—X, Y, Z—direction

Air traps

Injection Pressure & Clamp force




After customer approve DFM,  then TKB designers will start the mold design to figure out all details including changes and improvement needed for the product. So that we can check with customer all the details in the mold to avoid the possible mistake, and will start mold fabrication only after final mold drawing approved.  TKB will keep records of all revisions of the drawings and final drawings will send to customer for records.                     

mold drawing

The software we our designers used are:

Auto CAD






After all the process finish, TKB will start mold fabrication according to the mold drawings. all records regarding mold design, DMF reports, Mold flow, 2D, 3D mold drawing will well recorded and final package will be sent to customer for records after Project Approval  and trial production say about 5000 sets test PASS quality check to ensure stable production quality and full customer satisfaction.

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