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Injection Mold Manufacturing

Date: 2021-8-17

Injection Mold Manufacturing

Professional and reliable mold manufacturer, mold together for a better world!

injection mold manufacturing


WHY CHOOSE TKB Injection Mold Manufacturing?

Your injection mold manufacturing makes your product from concept to reality?

Your injection mold is manufactured with the ideal precision?

Want custom plastic molds to without flashes and with durable mold die life?

Then start mold manufacturing at TKB Mold, and let’s creat an ideal injection mold solution for your product.

Out standing engineering team for export molds

Rich experience in mold fabrication

Advanced manufacturing equipment

Quality assurance of ISO9001: 2015 system

Fast delivery time

Excellent after sales service


TKB Process  for Injection Mold Manufacturing

To make a good quality export plastic injection mold, processes as below for your reference:

DFM Report, Mold Flow analysis, conclude 2D/3D Mold drawing, approval to mold fabrication.

Mold steel preparation—Processing—Mold Base Processing—-Electrodes Processing—-Mold Parts Processing—-Quality Control—–Mold Fitting and Assembly—Inspection—-Mold Trial—Mass Production Trial—Inspection PASS—Pack and export the Mold

injection mold making

TKB types of plastic injection mold

Since plastic injection mold is widely used for many industries, TKB mold has advantage for producing high precision injection molds as follows:

Automotive Mold     +

Medical Mold     +

Electronics Mold     +

Home Appliance Mould +

Industrial Mold  +

Aerospace Mold   +

Overmold +

Precision Molds   +

major mold applications


TKB quality controls of Injection Mold Manufacturing

TKB Mold with ISO 9001: 2015 quality system adopted to ensure all molds and molded parts meet customer requirements.

We measuring tooling and parts with advanced measuring facilities such as CMM, projector, height Gauge, Leeb Hardness Tester, Caliper,Pin Gauge….

More, every TKB people is bear in mind the to manufacture with qualified products, rather than to wait to inspection.

Quality controls will in place during in-coming material inspection, and manufacturing process inspection, and outgoing quality inspection and can issued all related reports required by customer

measuring equipment

TKB Mold Classification

TKB mold classification follows the standard SPI Mold classifications as following to ensure the basic mold classification that meet customer expectation.

SPI mold classification

Injection Mold Manufacturing Equipment List

TKB are using high precision mold making machines to make your molds to ensure its good quality.

Equipment list Qty
CNC Milling Machine 7sets
Milling Machine 4sets
EDM Machine 8sets
Wire Cutting Machines 3sets
Grinding Machines 6sets
Gun-drilling Machine 2sets
Spotting Machine 1set
Tapping Machine 1set
Injection Machine 13sets
CMM 1set

mold manufacturing equipment


Professional and reliable mold manufacturer, quality injection mold manufacturing makes us mold together for a better world! we have equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, with experienced tool makers with good technology also the company policy on quality control and keep customer satisfaction and succeed….. 

For more questions and suggestions regarding injection mold manufacturing, welcome to contact now to know more!

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