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Plastic Injection Molding

Date: 2021-8-15

Plastic Injection Molding

Reliable plastic injection molding service provider! Mold together for a better world!


Injection molding machines



WHY CHOOSE TKB Plastic Injection Molding?


Want your product injection molding at high efficiency with good quality and lower reasonable costs?

Want your product to standand out to customers like a king?

Want your consumers to feel value for money at first sight and come back as a lifelong customer?

Undoutedly! High efficient equiped injection molding equipments and plastic molding technologies at TKB will be your wise choice!

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plastic injection molding

plastic injection molding

Then start plastic injection molding at TKB Mold,

13sets Injection machines, size ranging from 50T to 1300T

Automatic robotic arms for efficient production and save cost.

No limit on big or small volume of order quantity.

Part size from few mm to 1.23 meters

Part weight from few grams to 4.5KG

Flexible production lead time: 3 days~30 days


TKB Process for Plastic Injection Molding


Plastic Injection Molding part

To make good quality injection parts, TKB processes as below:

Plastic material selection with the qualified certificate that is suitable for the molds and product to pass the relevant legislation of destine countries.

Masterbatch/ pigment selection to meet the required color as well as the legislation request for the plastic injection molding parts.

Clean the machine fully with our own transparent plastic machines, since it is clean without any abnormal, then use the customer requested material for trial, after about dozens of shots of injection, then we can start the mass production with clean piece with correct quality.

Quality check, and approved first shot sample.

Mass production and random quality check.

OQC inspection, or custom inspection.




TKB types of plastic injection molding part


Since plastic injection molding are most widely used in nowadays for its lower cost, high efficiency for big volume, lighter weight and durable on performance. It has been replacing many heavy parts or most industries.

major injection molding applications

Types of plastic injection molding part we make as below:

Auto Molding Parts

Medical Molding Parts

Electronic Molding Parts

Home Appliance Molding Parts

Industrial Molding Parts

 Aerospace Molding Parts

Overmolded Part

Insert Molding Parts

Large Molding Parts



TKB quality controls of Plastic Injection Molding


measuring equipment

TKB Mold with ISO 9001: 2015 quality system adopted to ensure all plastic injection molded parts meet customer requirements.

First we will buy the correct plastic material from origin supplier with all required certificates, lab testing reports and or declarations.

After trial will arrange the first article inspection. Visual inspection, critical dimension inspection, functional inspection, and packaging inspection and of course customs inspection if required.

We measuring the plastic injection molding parts with advanced measuring facilities such as CMM, projector, height Gauge, Leeb Hardness Tester, Caliper,Pin Gauge….

More, every TKB people is bear in mind the to manufacture with qualified plastic part by first chance, rather than to await inspection or rework.

Quality controls will in place during in-coming material inspection, and manufacturing process inspection, and outgoing quality inspection and can issued all related reports required by customer





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How to avoid and reducing flashes? How to improve deformation? How to solve the stress mark problem?…..More questions are welcome!

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