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Why choose plastic parts injection molding and what are its advantages

Date: 2022-11-19

Plastic injection molding is a very common method of producing plastic parts that offers many advantages over other plastic molding methods. Not only is the process simpler and more reliable than other methods, it is also highly efficient.
1. Efficient and fast production
Plastic injection molding is known as the most common and efficient form of molding for several good reasons. The process itself is very fast compared to other methods, and the high production rate makes it more efficient and cost-effective. Speed ​​depends on mold complexity and size, but only about 15-120 seconds between each cycle time.

With less time between cycles, more molds can be produced in a limited amount of time, increasing possible revenue and profit margins. We use it MRP 24/7 system (Material Requirements Planning System) to run Parts MRP 24/7 This system does not replace the investment and experience of a manufacturing manager, but it does help improve the efficiency of the factory and save costs for the customer.



2. Complex part design
Injection molding can handle extremely complex parts and uniformity, making millions of nearly identical parts. To optimize the efficiency of mass injection molding and maximize part accuracy and quality, key design elements should be considered. Part design must be developed in order to maximize the inherent efficiencies of high-volume molding. With the right design, high quality parts can always be produced. Without good design, costly machining errors can occur.
Across the industry, most molding professionals agree that some basic design elements must be present during the injection process to work properly. They include wall thickness, rebar design, boss design, corner transitions and melt connections, and gate placement, as well as properly placed vents. You can learn more about all these elements here.



3. Build strength
Strength is one of the key factors to determine when designing plastic injection molded parts. The designer needs to know if the part is flexible or rigid so he/she can adjust the integrated ribs or gussets. It is also important to understand how the customer will use the part and what environments the part will be exposed to. Computer injection mold design.
4. Cost saving
From plastic part integration to coating molding, injection molding can help OEMs reduce costs. However, the OEM works with the injection molding engineering team before production is finalized. Focusing on Design for Manufacture (DfM) at the design stage, along with other detailed processes, can significantly reduce the number of problems sometimes encountered in molding – minimizing the need for costly tooling changes, downtime and other production delays.
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