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What is injection molding and what is the cost of injection molding

Date: 2022-11-21

All movement during injection molding, whether hydraulic or electric, creates injection pressure. Proper control of the injection molding pressure required can produce high quality products. The injection pressure adjustment and measurement system on the hydraulic injection molding machine, all actions are performed by the oil circuit:
1. The plasticizing section screw rotates.
2. Slider type feeder (the nozzle is close to the nozzle bushing).
3. The axial movement of the injection screw during the injection and pressure holding process.
Hold the base material over the injection rod until the toggle is fully extended or the piston closes.
4. Start the ejection ejection element of the assembled ejector.
On all-electric injection molding machines, all movements are performed by brushless synchronous motors with permanent magnets. Rotary motion is converted into linear motion by ball screws, which have long been used in the machine tool industry. The efficiency of the whole process depends on the plasticizing process, and the screw plays a crucial role.



The screw must guarantee the melting and homogeneity of the material. This process can be regulated by back pressure to avoid overheating. The mixture must not generate excessive flow which can cause polymer degradation. Each polymer has a different maximum flow rate. If this limit is exceeded, the molecules will stretch and the polymer backbone will break. However, the key remains to control the anterior axial movement of the screw during injection and pressure protection.
Injection speed control includes open-loop control, semi-closed-loop control and closed-loop control. Open loop systems rely on a common proportional valve. Proportional tension is applied to the required proportion of fluid, causing the fluid to create pressure in the injection cylinder, causing the injection screw to move at a forward speed. The semi-closed-loop system uses a closed-loop proportional valve. The circuit closes at the shut-off port and controls the flow of oil by moving within the valve. When the screw moves at speed, the closed loop system closes.



How much does injection molding cost?
Injection molding is one of the main processes in plastic manufacturing. Widely used in mass production of similar parts with tight tolerances. It is a cost-effective, highly repeatable technique that can produce high-quality parts at scale.
It’s a fast, intensive process that involves high temperature and pressure to inject molten material into the mold. Fused materials depend on the scope of the fabrication project. The most popular materials are various thermoplastics such as ABS, PS, PE, PC, PP or TPU, but metals and ceramics can also be injection molded. Molds consist of cavities that hold the injected molten material and are designed to closely reflect the final properties of the part.
In general, the main cost driver for injection molding is the tooling cost, also known as tooling cost. Mold design and manufacturing costs depend on required throughput, complexity of part design, mold material, and mold manufacturing process.

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