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What are the advantages of plastic injection molding for automobile manufacturing

Date: 2022-12-29

Plastic injection molding continues to evolve with the advent of new technologies, and as it develops, new opportunities arise in automotive manufacturing for parts made using this method. The global industry continues to use a higher percentage of injection molded parts in each new round of vehicle designs, and injection molding can keep up with the demand. Find out why injection molded parts are so popular in the European, North American and Asian automotive manufacturing markets.


Overall weight reduction through injection molding

Reducing weight in all vehicles is a major technique for improving fuel efficiency without sacrificing power. The less weight the engine has to move, the quicker the driver will get the engine’s response, and the lower the fuel consumption and emissions. Injection molding helps manufacturers achieve all of these goals by providing lightweight parts that replace heavier steel and aluminum components. With many interior and engine components currently manufactured using plastic injection molding processes, the weight of even the largest cargo vehicles has steadily declined over time.

Injection molding various interior and engine parts

Injection molding a higher percentage of critical automotive components from a single supplier can improve your manufacturing process and control costs.


Because plastic injection molding can be used to make many different parts used in various modern car designs.

Advanced Testing of Injection Molded Materials

Because injection molding uses many specific composite and plastic materials, each is extensively tested to determine its exact properties and limitations. This means that plastic injection molding subcontractors can quickly guide you in choosing the right material for each part produced for a particular vehicle.

From engine components requiring corrosion resistance to exterior equipment susceptible to damage from UV radiation, there is a damage-resistant plastic injection molding material to suit your needs. The vast amount of testing information available for these plastic injection molding materials makes it easier to design new parts or fix problems on existing models for timely recall responses.


Finer Details of Plastic Injection Molding Services

Finally, especially if you need automotive parts with extremely high tolerances and a very low chance of error, turn to plastic injection molding.
For example, a small error in the precise angle of an engine component can result in a loss of fuel or oil, which can be catastrophic for the engine. Plastic injection molding is a low-error process, with high tolerances in the finished part.

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