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How to become a household name and a large mold maker

Date: 2023-2-6

Molds are considered commodities. This phrase is all too familiar to most of us as it has become in the injection molding industry.
But how to make everyone familiar with our molds?
I would like to share a perspective that might help facilitate mold buying and selling as I have experience working on both sides of the process, selling injection molds to buyers and buying injection molds as a purchasing manager.

We can 3D print many different things, but not everything has to be the final product. Instead, we can make various tools, templates, containers…or casts.

Our goal is to demonstrate that casting with silicone molds is much easier than it might seem at first glance. My own attempts involved some trial and error until I learned the right way. So I hope I can now help someone save some material, time and effort.

To obtain high-quality castings, first of all, we need a high-quality master pattern to make the mould.
Designing such a model can be tedious and requires a fair amount of patience and attention to detail, especially if we are new to 3D modeling applications.



What types of molds are available?
We come in all shapes and sizes. They are used in several industries. Some popular industries need molds to make products, including light industry, home appliances, automobiles and machinery and other equipment manufacturing industries.

We make cars out of moulds. Electric appliances, bicycles, etc. Metallurgy, light industry, electronics and other industries have an increasing demand for molds. One widespread use of molds is in the manufacture of containers such as PET, PP, PC, etc.


How to ensure the quality of the mould?
Quality is one of the most important factors when it comes to moles. In addition to quality, the process of making the mold is also critical. It is extremely important to use high quality materials, methods, tools and equipment.

How to buy the best mold?
Before you buy, please consider your requirements. Make sure you know how you will be using the mold and what specifications you will need. Perfect shape and size are essential when making products out of moulds. If you have any questions, please chat with us. We’ll help you clarify your requirements.

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