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Being a mold making supplier with over 15 years experiences in the mold industry allows TKB to provide one stop service including prototyping, mold design, material selection, mold manufacturing, injection molding, logo printing, related parts sourcing, assembly and packing.

About phone case injection mold

The plastic injection molding process is a manufacturing technique used to produce molded plastic components. Manufacturers worldwide utilize this technique to mass-produce all kinds of goods, from cell phone cases to garbage cans. The parts are created by inserting plastic materials melted by heat into a mold, then cooling the product and waiting for it to solidify.

The goals of the product design phase also include determining function, manufacturability, fit, and aesthetics. Producing an efficient design requires a lot of trial and error and creativity. Design planning is usually done using computer-aided design software.

Mold Design
The mold design process is one of the most crucial parts of the injection molding process. A mold is a hollow metal block used as housing for molten plastic. Molds are constructed to resemble the component or part to be manufactured precisely. Molten plastic is injected into the mold, which will take on the shape of the mold once cooled. During the molding process, the plastic materials flow through a spruce into the mold, filling cavities by using runners and gates. After the mold design has been tested and evaluated, it is prepared for injection mold manufacturing. Molds are commonly made from various metal types, including pre-hardened steels, aluminum, and Beryllium-Copper alloy.

After the completion of the product and mold design processes, the manufacturing process begins. The injection molding process requires several steps. These steps include:

Thermostat or thermoplastic material in granular form is fed through a hopper, a sizeable cone-shaped container used in industrial manufacturing. The material is then transferred into a heating barrel.
The thermoplastic material is heated to a specific temperature, pushed through a large screw, and urged through the gate and into the injection mold.
Once the mold is packed with molten plastic, a screw applies a predetermined amount of pressure to the material while it cools.
After the material cools, the screw is extracted, and the part is removed from the mold.
The injection molding process described above is repeated as often as necessary, creating hundreds of identical parts in form and function.

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Partial industries we've cooperated, whether you are or aren’t in the industries, never mind, as every mold design is unique to your product.

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Partial industries we've cooperated, whether you are or aren’t in the industries, never mind, as every mold design is unique to your product.

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Partial industries we've cooperated, whether you are or aren’t in the industries, never mind, as every mold design is unique to your product.

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