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Automotive Injection Mold

Automotive Injection Mold


Short Description:

Automotive injection mold for Fuel Rail, the key point to make this injection mould with good quality is how to avoid deformation due due to long length of the product while reducing the machining cost. Contact TKB mold China Now! Emma.tan@tkbkl.com | +86 18933517568 | www.tkbmold.com

Mold #:TKB20009

Product Description: Fuel Rail

Mold Cavity: 1X1

Mold Cavity Steel: 738

Mold Size: 350 X 1882 X 396mm

Mold Weight: 670KG

Gate: Edge gate

Sliders/Lifters: 5 sliders

Mold Shot: 50K

Lead Time: 38 working days

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