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How much do you know about injection mold design

Date: 2022-7-13

Looking for Injection Molding Services? TKB provides you with injection mold design, engineering and manufacturing services. China’s leading injection mold supplier and manufacturer can provide the best service for the design and manufacture of plastic injection molds! On TKB, you can find all kinds of injection molds, because we have a professional injection mold design team and skilled mold makers. Our injection molds are used to produce plastic parts and can be designed and manufactured to meet the needs of different industries.

Our injection molds and tooling can help you reduce cost and labor intensity to increase productivity and ensure product quality. Our injection molding designs offer great advantages in:
A thorough review of mold design drawings is a critical early step in plastic mold design. We try to identify and solve problems that may arise during the mold design process and determine the final injection mold design

Advanced design and manufacturing software simulates the entire process of injection mold manufacturing, which runs through mold design, process development, processing, inspection, assembly, molding and other links.


Mold technicians arrange to review and confirm mold drawings before designing special machining and methods for each custom injection mold
The manufacture and assembly of each part takes place in the injection molding workshop, where the designers work closely with the technical department
Various injection mold types – cold runner molds, hot runner molds, PVC molds, insert molds, epoxy molds can meet customized needs.

Available in a variety of materials – hardened steel, pre-hardened steel, aluminum and/or beryllium copper alloys.
Design and manufacture the most cost-effective and high-quality molds according to customer requirements.


Injection mold design
Injection molds are widely used, and almost all product parts need to be molded in modern manufacturing. Once the mold design and fabrication of the part is complete, the plastic material can be precision machined to form the desired part features. In the process of injection molding design, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors, and finally design a product that meets the production requirements. There are many factors to consider in injection molding design, but part design and tool design are two of the most important. Getting the right injection mold design can mean lower cost of entry, higher production quality, shorter cycle times and faster assembly.

With the rapid development of the plastics industry, the requirements for the manufacture of injection molds are getting higher and higher. The success or failure of plastic processing depends not only on the design effect of the injection mold, but also on the manufacturing quality of the injection mold. The longer life of a plastic injection mold offsets the higher initial cost, rather than more parts made before wearing out, saving the overall cost of producing a plastic product using an injection mold.

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