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Tkb tells you the advantages and disadvantages of custom plastic molding

Date: 2022-8-10

What is custom plastic molding?

Custom plastic injection molding involves creating unique mold and material selections to produce specific parts or products to meet your exact specifications and requirements. Unlike other industrial manufacturing processes, custom plastic injection molding offers a range of advantages, only some disadvantages can be easily overcome with some careful planning.


Production speed

Plastic injection molding is an automated, rapid process that allows multiple products and parts to complete the entire production cycle in seconds.

High-quality, high-strength products

Many plastic formulations and compounds can be as strong as metal, and the injection molding process helps mass-produce consistent, accurate parts.


Since the plastic injection molding process is largely automated after initial setup, labor costs are low, saving you money.

High precision and repeatability

Plastic injection molding with high precision 0.005″ parts. It’s also a very consistent and repeatable manufacturing process, improving part reliability.




The combinations of shapes, materials, additives, colors, details and finishes offered by injection-molded plastics are nearly endless, resulting in extraordinary versatility.


Injection molding requires little, if any, finishing, making the best use of manufacturing time. Additionally, waste can be recycled to increase material efficiency.

Sustainability of environmentally friendly plastics and renewable materials in our environmentally conscious facilities

Options to ensure that production is as sustainable as possible.

Design flexibility

The peculiarities of the plastic injection molding process provide opportunities for an almost endless number of designs and shapes.


initial cost

Costs can be high and are often the largest cost of manufacturing an injection-molded plastic product.

Delivery time may be longer

Because prototyping and tooling must be done accurately and carefully, lead times may take longer than you initially expect.


Because molds are often made of steel, post-modification can be difficult, time-consuming or expensive.

influence design

Technical Considerations Although the injection molding process is widely used and flexible, there are some limitations to what is technically possible to produce. In rare cases, these limitations may affect product design.

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