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plastic mold for electronics

plastic mold for electronics


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Injection molded consumer electronic components can be […]


Injection molded consumer electronic components can be complex or simple. The molding of complex plastic electronic components may be economical because they can combine many parts into one piece, thereby saving the cost of manufacturing and connecting several individual parts. The joints must be machined and bolted together. It may cause dislocation and looseness during vibration. Sand castings weighing several tons (such as locomotive frames) have advantages due to their ability to combine multiple parts into one part. Molded electronic components
The more complex, the more originality and control is required. The simpler the electronic component, the lower the cost of the plastic mold and patterning equipment, and therefore the lower the cost of the electronic component. In more complex molded electronic components, changes in size and strength may be more difficult to control; therefore, more skilled molders may be required.


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