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How to get the best results for a custom plastic injection mold

Date: 2022-10-12

When you need a custom plastic injection mold, getting the best results is important. Here are some tips to help you get the best results.
What is a custom injection mold?
Custom plastic injection molds are molds that are specially designed and manufactured for a specific product or part. They are not off-the-shelf molds, but custom-made to the customer’s specifications. This makes them a very cost-effective option for manufacturers who need to make a large number of specialized molds, as it eliminates the need to create separate molds for each product.



What are the benefits of using a custom injection mold?
There are many benefits to using a custom plastic injection mold, including:
– Reduce manufacturing time and cost
– Improve quality and consistency
– Faster time to market
– Greater design flexibility
Each of these benefits can have a significant impact on your business, so it’s important to consider them when deciding whether to use a custom injection mold.



What are the most common mistakes made with custom plastic injection molds?
Some common mistakes are often made when working with custom plastic injection molds. One of the most common situations is that a detailed or specific plan is not made before starting to manufacture the mold. Without a plan, it can be difficult to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken and that the mold will function properly.
Another common mistake is not designing the mold with the possibility of shrinkage in mind. If the plastic shrinks after being injected into the mold, the final product may be much smaller than expected. This can lead to many problems, such as parts that don’t fit together properly or a product that’s too small to work properly.
Lastly, it’s important to make sure the molds are properly aligned and that all parts fit together correctly. If the mold is not properly aligned, the plastic may flow unevenly and the final product may be defective.
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