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Being a mold making supplier with over 15 years experiences in the mold industry allows TKB to provide one stop service including prototyping, mold design, material selection, mold manufacturing, injection molding, logo printing, related parts sourcing, assembly and packing.

About custom plastic parts

Different injection molding machines to meet your needs for manufacturing different products; maximum. Experienced engineers, strict quality, skilled mold maker, well-trained product workers excellent management, with more than 15 years of experience in engineering design, injection mold, plastic parts production and assembly.
Various types of plastic injection parts, widely used, including household, industrial, furniture, lamps, sports equipment, etc.

Plastic injection molding is the preferred method for creating custom plastic parts. It balances cost and functionality nicely. This gives you enough flexibility to give you the kind of product you envision.

Injection molding lets you use simple mold opening and closing functions. Injection molding is also more consistent in tight tolerances and wall thickness. It is better than blow molding, another popular option.

How do you create custom plastic parts?
come up with a design
Choose resin
Choose a manufacturing process
Create a prototype
List your part specs
Manufacturing custom parts
If you are new to the business of making plastic products, you may be wondering how to make custom plastic parts.
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MOLD TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD! TKB Manufacture TOP quality molds and create more values to the customers and the world.

Partial industries we've cooperated, whether you are or aren’t in the industries, never mind, as every mold design is unique to your product.

Innovation is the forever topic and driving force for sustainable development of TKB

Partial industries we've cooperated, whether you are or aren’t in the industries, never mind, as every mold design is unique to your product.

As the saying goes, well begun is half done! TKB has rich experiences in mold technology, we will be your right China mold maker to start your project with!

Partial industries we've cooperated, whether you are or aren’t in the industries, never mind, as every mold design is unique to your product.

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