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Quality assurance is the foundation of TKB survival and development. It is more than just following the procedures, but a promise of thorough attention to every detail.

TKB Mold is an ISO 9001:2015 registered mold factory, and with the scientific methods of measurement facilities, we commit we don’t sacrifice quality for speed and cost but deliver the best quality mold and molded parts to our customers with complete quality controls during the incoming, in-process, and final production stages.

We have equipped with SEREIN 3MM with measuring accuracy 0.001mm, projector, height gauge, hardness tester, etc. to ensure every part and component meets your requirement.

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Major Quality Control Equipment and Tools

With advanced high precision measure equipment, TKB Mold carries out 100% inspection for the whole process, from incoming material until shipment.

Main Quality Control Procedures

TKB has independent quality control department to control every quality inspection step from incoming material, production process, assembly, packing, as well as cargo shipment. We have established quality evaluation program for each process to assure best quality and most professional service to our customers.
We carry out full inspection reports like monthly/seasonal/yearly quality analysis report, CPK, FAI, IQ, OQ, PC, PPAP, PFMEA etc.
1.DFM quality control
2.Mold flow quality control
3.Mold steel hardness check
4.Electrodes Inspection
5.Core and Cavity Inspection
6.Pre-assembly Inspection
7.Trial Report and Sample inspection
8.Production process quality control
9.OQC inspection

Supply Chain Support

Extended quality insurance from worldwide branded suppliers to insure good quality and after-sales service to your molds and molded parts.
Mold Steel suppliers: Assab, Bohler,Buderus,Daido,Finkl,Groeditz, Hitach, LKM Steel, Saartahl, Schmolz+bickenbach
Mold Base: LKM, Mingli
Hot Runner: DME, Incoe, Inglass, Mold Masters, Yudo, Hasco, Syventive, Husky
Hydro-Cylinder: Parker, HPS, Merkle
Plastic Materials: Dupont, Chimei, LG, Basf, Bayer, DSM,Borealis,Formosa.
Texture: Mold Tech Yicksang

Custom Quality Controls

TKB also proceed with custom quality checks and inspections perfectly suited to your application and business needs.

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