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Your No.1 Injection Mold Supplier
TKB Mold is your professional one stop solution specialist from mold design, mold making to injection molding service.

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எப்போதும் கிடைக்கும் சிறந்த

TKB Mold, being a professional injection mold supplier also provide injection molding service, adhere to sustainable development and technological innovation. Though TKB tooling cost is not the cheapest, TKB build quality mold that enable faster and more stable molding process, less material to waste, less labor requires, easier processing, and never compromised quality, and finally save more cost and create more value to customers and to the world!

நிறுவனம் பற்றி மேலும் தெரியும்
Enjoy TKB Happy Moment with Clients

Worldwide partners trusted TKB Mold direct for OEM injection mold manufacturing and injection molding service. We are happy long term partners rather than just customers and vendors.

FOCUS ON plastic mold manufacturing

Your injection mold manufacturing makes your product from concept to reality? We Focus on quality molds manufacturing for medical, automotive, aerospace. Then contact us and let’s create an ideal injection mold solution for your product.
Mold making in house
CNC machining accuracy to 2μm
Mold capacity: 20-50 sets/month
Mold weight: from 100 KG to 15Tons
Large plastic molds: size up to 1.23X1.28m
Lead time: 25-60 days
With professional mold technology on quality precision molds, we export 50% of the molds to the worldwide branded customers. TKB remains your reliable mold solution partner.

FOCUS ON injection molding services

13 sets automatic injection machines ranging from 50T to 1300
Part weight from few grams to 4.5KG
Part size up to1.2meters
With near-unlimited material choices, injection parts molding & assembly in TKB remains a reliable
choice for global customers.

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