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Másodlagos feldolgozás

Date: 2021-8-14

TKB secondary processing


Secondary processing normally means the second or afterwards processing progress of plastic injection molding part. Such as screen printing, pad printing, heat transfer printing, water transfer printing, painting, powder coating, ultrasonic welding, laser etching, anodizing, electroplating, IML / IMD, etc. TKB Mold is capable to supply value added secondary processing with stable good quality, fast delivery and reasonable prices. So as to make the item satisfy customer needs.

Advantages of secondary processing?

secondary processing

May improve the product surface quality.
may help prolong product life.
improve product corrosion resistance.
creating value added product features.

Major defects in plastic secondary processing?

In plastic part secondary processing, major quality defects as below:

1.Painting: thin oil, less oil, frying oil, oil accumulation, dust spots, wrinkling of orange peel, polished mark, color difference, oil residue, etc.

2.Hot stamping: dust spots, wrinkles, dents, burnt, peel-off, and so on.

3.Screen printing/ti pad printing: ghosting, blurred fonts, lines without smooth, different font formats, color difference, and so on.

4.Flying oil: means the paint adhesion appears on the non-painting area, which is usually for the reason that the painting fixture and the product are not consistent in size. Besides, inappropriate fixture design or loose fixture not assembled in place will also lead to flying oil issues.

5.Oil accumulation: This means the spray is so thick that caused excessive paint accumulation. And the reason for this issue is spraying too much on the part. At the same time, it leads to wrinkle or orange peel on the part surface.

6.Color difference: is the deviation among the painting color, the model, and the color palette, which is because of the poor paint quality, improper paint ratio, or irregular painting movement.



TKB Assembly and Packing


TKB being locate in China’s largest mold production city Dongguan, which also has the most convenient full line of industrial supply chain. TKB Mold, we can provide efficient injection molding parts assembly, packing and Delivery, to satisfy customer requirement.

assembly and packing





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