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  • large plastic mould
    Large plastic mold products are typically used in the manufacturing of plastic parts and components for a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace...
  • large size mold
    Large size mold products are designed to manufacture large plastic components for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction. These molds are ty...
  • big injection moulds
    Struktura kalupa za brizganje obično se sastoji od oblikovanih delova, sistema za izlivanje, delova za vođenje, mehanizma za izvlačenje, sistema za podešavanje temperature, izduvnih gasova...
  • big size mold
    Kalupi velikih dimenzija su veliki kalupi koji se koriste za proizvodnju plastičnih komponenti za različite industrije kao što su automobilska, svemirska i građevinska. Ovi kalupi su...
  • plastic insert mold
    Kalupi za plastične umetke su specijalizovani kalupi koji se koriste u brizganju plastike za stvaranje proizvoda koji zahtevaju dodavanje umetka tokom procesa oblikovanja...
  • metal insert mold
    Metal insert molds are specialized molds used in plastic injection molding to create products that require the addition of a metal insert during the molding pro...
  • TKB Mold China——

    Your Professional Plastic Injection Mold Partner!


    TKB Mold being a professional plastic injection mold manufacturer, dedicated for high quality plastic injection mold for Medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, home appliances, industrial, consumer products…

    We will confirm with customer in advance all details like mold steel, mold cavity, mold life, texture type, hot runner type and other major components to ensure the mold quality meet customer requirement. TKB will provide DFM with complete considerations on plastic injection molds for customer approval and set up the standard, then will provide 2D/or 3D mold drawing for approval, then start the mold fabrications, and send weekly status update. Then arrange T1 testing for approval of the structure and function. And T2 testing for appearance and final approval.



    What type of plastic injection mold TKB manufacture?

    According to its application industry and its special function or character, we manufacture top quality precision injection molds such as:

    Automotive Mold     +

    Medical Mold     +

    Electronics Mold     +

    Kalup za kućne aparate +

    Industrial Mold  +

    Aerospace Mold   +

    Overmold +

    Precision Molds   +

    Insert Mold  +

    Large Plastic Molds +



    Automotive Mold     +

    TKB Mold manufacture high quality automotive mold for 15 years in Dongguan China.

    We serve plastic injection mold for global automotive & vehicle such as BMW, Toyota, Audi… with stable quality and fast development time.

    in the past years, the types of products TKB involved were included lamp, door panel, over-molding bar, fuse and fuse box, connector, switch, relay, sensors, actuators, terminal, valve, handle and other body accessories. We are becoming the creative automotive mold makers in China.

    >automotive injection mold    > auto parts mould

    > auto molds                 > Automotive mould


    Medical Mold     +

    Medical mold here we refer to plastic injection molds for medical industry. We serve quality plastic injection molds for breathing machine plastic housing, blood pressure gauge, transparant syringe, dentist parts…and win customer recognition.

    >medical mould    > syringe mould

    > medical molds     > medical plastic mold


    Electronics Mold     +

    With the fast growing of consumer electronics, TKB provide faster and quality plastic electronics molds to meet the growing market demand. We provide fashion and quality plastic injection molds for electronic shavers, remote control,  socket, switch…

    >injection mold for electronics    > electronic product mold

    >plastic injection mold for electronics     > plastic mold for electronics


    Kalup za kućne aparate +

    Home appliance mould is also known as home & garden mold, household appliance mould, home housewares mold, which are used to produce customized plastic parts, exterior plastic housing, case of the household appliances, kitchen tools. TKB provided complete tool and molding solution for robot sweeper, quilt temperature conditioner, ice cream maker, purifier…

    >plastic mold for home appliance    > home appliance mold

    >injection mold for home appliance     > floor mopping robot mold

    > plastic injection mold for home appliance


    Industrial Mold  +

    Generally speaking, products produced with industrial molds are used for processing or business operations, such as industrial instruments, valves, fittings, , tools, etc.

    > plastic mold for industrial equipment    > industrial plastic parts mold

    >industrial plastic mold     > industrial plastic moulds


    Aerospace Mold   +

    aerospace mold requires more strict and different materials used to build the mold. Mold makers may find the barriers of tight tolerance work and material that may not be accustomed to. TKB is thinking, responding, and performing as a true mold partners, keep learning and growing together with customers in aerospace mold industries.

    >aerospace part mold    > plastic mold for airplane handle

    > plastic mold for satellite receiver     > plastic mold for aerospace


    Overmold +

    Customers that want to add a soft-touch exterior to their products that enhances grip “feel” and provides a stylish appearance attractive to consumers,overmold is to make this happen. Over-molded parts produced by overmold may reduce shock and vibration, dampens sound, provides electrical insulation, and improves chemical/UV resistance — which increases product longevity and improves product viability and customer satisfaction. TKB has rich experiences manufacturing quality overmold.

    >over mold    > tpe overmolding mold

    > tpr overmolding mold     > overmolding mold


    Precision Molds   +

    Precision Molds here we means plastic injection molds with high-precision machining request, normally it’s applicable to industries of medical, automotive, aerospace…TKB Mold with CNC machining accuracy to 2μm, and CMM measuring accuracy to 0.001mm ton ensure the high precision of plastic precision molds.

    >precision mould    > precision plastic mould

    > precision injection molds     > precision plastic mold


    Insert Mold  +

    Insert Mold means an integrated product is made by inserting a pre-prepared metal material insert into an insert mold in order after injecting, and the molten plastic material is bonded to the insert, cooled and solidified. TKB has rich experiences to product insert molds.

    >Insert Mould    > insert injection molding mold

    > metal insert mold     > plastic insert mold


    Large Plastic Molds +

    We TKB  have the skills, experiences, and capacity to create large plastic molds for different industries. Our large molds up to 15 tons, 1.23meters X1.28meters in size.

    >kalup velike veličine    > big injection moulds

    > large size mold      > large plastic mould


    What is injection mold? How it is made?

    An injection mold is a steel made tool comprised of a series of components and with certain cavities shape inside that allows molten plastic to be formed and cooled in such a way as to create a discrete part shape.

    Mold manufacture process: Mold designèorder mold steel & mold base èSteel inspection èrough CNC processèHeat treatmentèPrecision CNC processèMachining ElectrodesèEDMèPolishèMold parts inspectionèFitting & assemblyèMold Trial.


    Materials used for good quality plastic injection molds?

    Mold Steel: ASSAB(Sweden), DAIDO(Japan), FINKL(America), AUBERT & DUVAL(France), Thyssen (Germany), LKM (China)

    Mold Base: EMP, DME, HASCO, FUTABA, LKM.




    Texture: VDI 3400, Mold-tech, Yick Sang, Tanazawa etc


    TOP advantages of plastic injection molds?

    High precision, it’s a tool to produce highly accurate processing approach. As a matter of fact, the mold CNC accuracy can be kept within 0.002mm tolerance, and finished products can be within 0.005mm tolerance.

    High efficiency

    The mold is commonly used technologies for repeated long-time production. How fast depends on its complexity of the mold, normally 15~60 seconds per cycle.