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The many benefits of choosing injection molding for your business

Date: 2022-9-9

What is injection molding?
Plastic injection molding is the process of melting plastic pellets (thermoset/thermoplastic polymers), once sufficiently malleable, injecting them under pressure into a mold cavity, filling and curing to produce the final product.

How does plastic injection molding work?
The thermoplastic injection molding process is a standard process involving aluminum molds. Aluminium transfers heat more efficiently than steel, so cooling channels are not required – meaning the cooling time we save can be used to monitor fill pressure, cosmetic issues and produce quality parts.

Injection molds generally work at 150-200 degrees Celsius. In mass production, injection molds are subjected to high temperatures and pressures. In order to meet the processing needs of different injection molds, appropriate materials should be selected according to the product. The basic properties of mold steel are as follows:

1. Surface hardness and wear resistance.
The hardness of the plastic mold is around 50-60HRC, and the heat-treated mold material can provide sufficient hardness. During the molding process, the injection mold needs to be continuously compressed, which requires the mold to maintain good precision and stability during mass production.


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2. Cutting performance
EDM and cutting operations are essential in the manufacture of injection molds. In order to improve the cutting performance and the finish of the mold material, the hardness of the raw material should be moderate.

3. Polishing performance
For plastic products with high surface requirements, the roughness of the cavity surface should be small. Therefore, for high-quality products, the choice of die steel should be a material with better polishing performance.

4. Thermal stability
The shape of plastic products is complex, and the mold cavity is difficult to process after quenching, so mold steel with good thermal stability should be selected. The heat-treated material is less affected by temperature and has good dimensional stability, which can ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness requirements of the mold.

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