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The development process of plastic injection molding parts in the process


Molded parts in the plastic injection molding process
With the wide use of plastic products in daily life, people’s requirements for the quality and quantity of plastic products are increasing day by day, and the technology mastered by the domestic plastic manufacturing industry is generally relatively backward. Research and improvement are necessary. In fact, the mold forming technology used in plastic injection has become one of the important indicators to measure the level of plastic manufacturing in a country.

Characteristics of Plastic Injection Molded Parts
1. Design flexibility
2. Near Net Shape
3. Complete network shape
4. Reduce material waste process
5. Customized high performance resin

How to quickly produce injection molded plastic parts

Under the conditions of the socialist market economy, in the face of fierce market competition, if plastic product manufacturers want to win customers and seize the market, they must first shorten the product development cycle. Therefore, how to quickly produce plastic parts has become a topic of concern. The so-called Rapid production of injection parts is enough to try to shorten the molding cycle of injection parts, which includes the entire process from part design, mold design, mold manufacturing to injection molding. Therefore, the entire production process must be considered comprehensively, and feasible measures must be taken to Implementation. According to years of practical experience in injection production and domestic and foreign literature, the author believes that in order to achieve the purpose of rapid production and injection parts, the following aspects should be studied. 1. Application of computer-aided design, concurrent engineering and high-speed data transmission, In order to shorten the cycle of product development and mold design and manufacturing, in product development, to shorten the development cycle, it is necessary to save time and workload as much as possible. The key in this process is to use computer-aided design (CAD), concurrent engineering. and high-speed data transmission.



1. Advantages of computer-aided design The use of computer-aided design can not only save time, but also improve accuracy. The mistakes that often occur in drawing will rarely occur after application, and many repetitive tasks can be simplified, so it can save labor and time. Especially for products with complex structures, the advantages are more obvious. For example, designing a set of complex TV casing molds can be completed within 6 weeks, while it takes about 13 weeks to use traditional methods. (3D) software.

2. Adopt automatic production technology
Reasons for using automated production Usually, in the case of not fully automatic production, it must rely on human assistance. Since the production process involves human factors, each production cycle must be different, resulting in varying degrees of quality of parts. Automated production This phenomenon can be effectively avoided, and the equipment will follow the input instructions for production without compromise. In addition, automated production can stabilize the cycle, reduce the factor of human downtime, and significantly improve production efficiency.

Material automatic centralized feeding system The centralized feeding system transports the bagged or bulk plastic pellets through the hopper to the silo for storage by means of pneumatic conveying, and then sends it from the silo to the drying system for drying treatment, and finally passes through the pipeline from the central The switching device is allocated to each injection machine, and the gate waste is collected, crushed and recycled by the automatic recycling system. The advantage of the centralized feeding system is that it realizes unmanned continuous molding operations throughout the day; it can be fully automatic. It can regenerate and use gate recycled materials; the combination of injection machine and multi-variety and multi-color materials can be changed according to needs to automate coloring; through computer center monitoring, labor and time are saved, production efficiency is improved, and energy is saved. The centralized feeding system overcomes the disadvantages of the previous single-machine operation, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming, and has significant economic benefits for multi-machine, mass-produced injection parts.



4. The use of advanced molding technology Some advanced injection molding technology can effectively shorten the molding cycle,
Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Such as gas-assisted injection molding technology, ultra-thin wall molding technology,
Heat flow molding technology, multi-cavity molding technology, etc. With the development of my country’s automobile, electronics, electrical appliances, and communication industries
With the development of these technologies, the application of these technologies will become more and more extensive.

5. The rapid mass production of injection parts is to shorten the time for the product to be put on the market, reduce the production cost and increase the production cost.
It is an effective way to strengthen market competitiveness. But it is also a relatively complex system engineering, which involves
There are many factors such as capital, technology and personnel, especially for certain technologies, which require more capital investment and technical difficulties.
It is not suitable for all injection molding enterprises. Therefore, each manufacturer should use its own funds,
Reasonable use of some or all of the advanced molding technology in the actual situation such as technology and personnel quality, so as to achieve investment
Less, quicker, more economical and can meet the purpose of production requirements.
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