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One Stop Service

Date: 2021-7-26



One stop service from Injection Mold Manufacturing to Plastic Parts Molding


TBK Mold China, being one top-level quality plastic injection mold maker, locate in China’s largest mold production base, dongguan city, guangdong province.

We have professional team with more than 15 years experiences in mold industry, allows us to provide one stop services from mold design, material selection, prototyping, mold manufacturing, injection molding, logo printing, assembly and packing, and the integrated mold design, manufacture, and testing standard are suitable for Japan, USA, Europe and other countries’ requirements .

one stop service




Professional and creative design team, all with more than 10~15  years mold designing experiences.   3 to 7 days for DMF analysis, 3-7 days for mold design, 20~60 days for mold manufacturing.   Software TKB is using Auto CAD, Solidworks, UG, Pro/E   DFM normally analyse all details including mold layout, material and shrinkage, gating, mold flow simulation, ejector, sleeve, hot runner, surface finishing, logo, draft angle etc.   Mold Flow simulation will be done prior to mold design to evaluate whether the product design is appropriate for injection molding, whether there is abnormal need to improve?    All possible consideration will be taken before mold making to avoid and reducing time and cost for future modification.    TKB provide you best mold design service!

mold design




Experienced and responsible tool making team   TKB Mold occupies about 5000 square meters, with more than 50  staff, including 6 experienced engineers, 20  skilled tool makers. HASCO, DME & LKM standards are adopted per customer requirements, and CAD/UG/PRO/E are used to do the designing and mold flow.   TKB also equipped with advanced mold manufacturing machines: HIGH SPEED CNC, EMD, GRINDING, DRILLING MACHINE, SPOTTING, AND INJECTION MACHINES.   With the guide of ISO 9001:2015 quality system, and CMM, projector, height gauge, caliper, hardness tester, the mold and molded parts dimensions can be precisely controlled within specification.   CNC machining accuracy within 2um CMM measuring accuracy within 0.001mm   Will you want to know more about this trust-able mold supplier? contact us now!

mold fabrication

mold fabrication




Efficient injection machines with robotic arms, from 50T to 1300 T, 4 sets brand new haitian injection machines are adopted in 2021 for more efficient production.   TKB being a professional injection molding service provider, we equipped with 13 sets HAITIAN injection machines, ranging from 50T 1300T, can produce with injection molds weight from 100KG to 15 tons, plastic part weight can be from few grams to 4.5KG; and we don’t have limit to MOQ with reasonable injection prices, as we are also able to get some profit form mold manufacturing.   Currently we are widely produce medical parts, aerospace parts, auto parts, home housewares part, home appliances part, electronic parts, industrial parts, consumer parts with good quality and service keep customer satisfaction. 

plastic injection molding

plastic injection molding




Prototype is usually required for products newly developed or designed. Prototype is the first step to verify the feasibility of products. It is the most direct and effective way to find out the defects, deficiencies and drawbacks of designed products, so as to carry out targeted improvement on defects until deficiencies cannot be found from individual prototype samples.  At this point, until all problems solved from beginning, then can customer start to build the injection molds and proceed mass production. this means save of manpower and material…..

So prototype is also quite important before to build t he mold, while at TKB, Prototyping is just part of our added service, TKB is charging pure cost on it, as we are just having some profit in house making process like mold manufacturing and injection molding. So you can rest assured prices from TKB are always reasonable.





Capable of providing quality and stable secondary services with strictly quality control.   Types of secondary processing: silk printing, pad printing, heat transfer printing, water transfer printing, painting, powder coating, Ultrasonic welding, laser etching, anodizing, electroplating, assembly.   Secondary processing is needed when need certain appearance, or protecting the product, or prolong the product life, add product features,  increase product added value.


secondary processing




Experienced case study for each application make you rest assured of TKB capability.     case study information including from part design optimization, DFM analysis, mold flow analysis, plastic prototyping and improving, mold design, injection mold manufacturing(CNC, EDM, Mold fitting, inspection), Mold trial, FAI report, Sample approval, injection molding mass production.   Since these may relate to customer confidentiality,  so we can not able to display all details without  the approval from our customers. Welcome to visit our factory and know more.





With the one stop service provided by TKB Mold, all document and files will keep proper records and finally send to customer for records after mass production goes smoothly.  and save time and cost and avoid troubles of missing document for future modification.   One day you become our customer, then we will take our responsibility to delivery excellent after sales services for ever! Contact us and we are ready to work with you!

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