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About large plastic mold for electronics

1: Advantages of large electronic plastic molds

Large-scale electronic plastic molds have many advantages, first of all, they can help companies reduce production costs. Secondly, they provide higher productivity, but also can guarantee the quality of production. In addition, large electronic plastic molds can also simplify the production process, while also reducing the reliance on labor.

However, large-scale electronic plastic molds also have some disadvantages. First, they are relatively expensive and relatively complicated to install and use. Therefore, enterprises need to weigh the pros and cons when choosing large-scale electronic plastic molds, and decide whether to use this mold according to their own situation.

2: Types of large electronic plastic molds

Large electronic plastic molds are generally divided into two categories: injection molding molds and extrusion molding molds. The injection molding mold is to inject the castable (generally plastic) from the container into the mold, and then cool and solidify to form the desired product. This method is suitable for the production of most 3C digital product casings, such as mobile phone casings, tablet computer casings, digital camera casings, etc. The extrusion molding die is to extrude the castable (generally rubber) through extrusion force to form the desired product. This method is suitable for the production of soft keyboards, numeric keyboards, airborne equipment, remote control equipment, etc.

Manufacturers of large electronic plastic molds generally have rich production experience and can customize production according to customer requirements. If you need to produce large electronic plastic molds, you can inquire from these manufacturers.

3: Application of large electronic plastic molds

Large electronic plastic molds are mainly used to manufacture some large, complex and precise plastic parts. They can be used to make plastic parts of various sizes and shapes, and can control volumes and dimensions very precisely. Such molds are often very expensive, but their use can significantly increase productivity and enable the manufacture of high-quality, precision plastic parts.

At present, large electronic plastic molds have been widely used in many fields, such as medical, aerospace, military, automobiles, drones, 3D printing, etc. In the medical field, they can be used to manufacture various medical consumables, such as artificial hearts, artificial blood vessels, artificial eyeballs, artificial ears, etc. In the aerospace field, they can be used to manufacture aircraft parts, such as engine compartment housings, aircraft seats, pilot cockpit housings, etc. In the military field, they can be used to manufacture weapon parts, such as bullet casings, ammunition box casings, grenade casings, etc.

With the increasing maturity of 3D printing technology, large-scale electronic plastic molds are also widely used in the field of 3D printing. They can be used to make 3D printing molds, which are widely used in industrial design, drone manufacturing, aerospace pilot equipment manufacturing, etc.

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FAQ/ Frequently Asked Questions



As a plastic mold and injection molding company in China, we prepared answers for following most frequent asked queries for you, for more queries are always be here for you.




1. What info needed to get a correct mold quotation? How fast does it take to quote a project?

1)2D or 3D product drawing is needed for a mold quote;

2) If special requirement on mold steel, mold life, cavity quantity, hot runner requirement, part material, forecasted year quantity. Complete information will help to a most suitable cost effective, value added mold solution.

3) Normally take 2 working days to quote a new mold project seriously, and expedite quote is also available.



2. What’s the payment condition in TKB Mold?

1) New customer for mold: T/T 50% deposit, 50% against sample approval.

2) Mold modification: 100% upon sample approval.

3) Injection molding parts: 50% deposit, 50% before shipment.

4) VIP customer special terms: to be negotiated.



3. What’s the price terms/freight TKB mold will offer?

  • Normally TKB will offer ex-work TKB price for injection mold and plastic parts.
  • Free mold trial shotting samples free of charge and with freight to collect.
  • VIP customer special terms: to be negotiated.



4. What’s lead-time for a plastic mold and injection molding processes?

  • Injection mold lead-time counted from mold drawing approval and receipt of deposit to first mold trial(T1), and the difficulty of the molds determines how much time is needed, normally 20 to 60 days.
  • Injection molding lead-time counted from sample approval and receipt of deposit to production finish, order quantity determines how much time is needed, normally 7 to 15 days.



5. Will TKB send DMF to customer?

Yes,TKB Mold will send DFM (design for manufacturing) analysis and even mold flow analysis prior to the start of mold construction for customer review/approval.



6. Will TKB send mold design for approval?

After DMF approval, TKB will send the mould design for approval, and TKB will not start steel-cut before getting customers written approval of mold design.



7. How many plastic samples will be free provided?

TKB normally would provide 10~20 shots first mold trial shooting samples with gate(if have) free of charge according to the size of the parts, it would be freight to collect.



8. Which side provides plastic resin for injection mold trial?

TKB can provided plastic resin, if needed customer can provide the plastic resin the same.



9. How to make sure of quality before shipment?

shipment can be arranged only after TKB QC inspection PASS, or customer QC inspection PASS, or third-party inspection PASS if required. And TKB will always be there to provide full support.



10. How will TKB keep record of all mold data.

TKB will keep record of all final approved 2D, 3D mold drawing, modifications document, and send to customer for file to avoid future confusion in case engineering change is needed.

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