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injection water purifier mold

Date: 2022-9-20

In the early stage of the design of the injection mold for the end cover of the water purifier, the feasibility analysis of each characteristic element of the plastic part is firstly carried out to determine the molding material, the opening direction and the parting surface. Secondly, carry out the structural design of injection mold gating system, ejection system and cooling system. The large end face of the plastic part will shrink, which can reduce the glue; increase the sprue angle and side gate to obtain good fluidity, avoid welding marks and cold material; in order to better push out the plastic part, the ejector pins under 2mm are all made into support pins , The fixed mold is designed with a pin, and the movable mold side is designed to move; the cooling system is designed as a symmetrical circulating water circuit to ensure the mold temperature.


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