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Injection Molded Plastic Electronics Components

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Injection Molded Plastic Electronics Components

Date: 2023-11-17
Injection Molded Plastic Electronics Components

Injection molded plastic electronics components are plastic parts created using injection molding techniques and are specifically designed for use in electronic devices. Streamline your electronics and electrical component manufacturing with our specialized plastic molds. We offer precision injection molds for high-volume production of quality plastic parts for electronics, electrical controls, connectors, enclosures and more.

Constructed of premium steel with superior machining, our molds provide unmatched durability and dimensional accuracy for consistent production results. Our expert mold designers optimize designs for fast cycle times, low scrap rates and reduced manufacturing costs.

With capabilities for multi-cavity molds, two-shot injection, gas-assisted molding and other advanced techniques, we offer the ideal mold solution for your specific application. You can rely on our many years of experience in the electrical and electronics moldmaking industry to increase your efficiency.

Quality assurance is the foundation of TKB’s survival and development. It is more than just following procedures, it is a promise of thorough attention to detail.

TKB Mold is an ISO 9001:2015 registered mold factory, and with the scientific methods of measuring equipment, we’re committed to not sacrificing quality for speed and cost, but to delivering the best quality molds and molded parts to our customers with complete quality control during the incoming, in-process and final production stages.

We have equipped with SEREIN 3MM with measuring accuracy of 0.001mm, projector, height gauge, hardness tester, etc. to ensure that every part and component meets your requirements.

Some examples of injection molded plastic electronic components include

1. Housings: Plastic enclosures used to house electronic devices such as smart phones, laptops or game consoles.

2. Connectors: Plastic connectors used to make electrical connections between various electronic components.

3. Bezels and Frames: Plastic frames or bezels that hold and secure electronic displays, such as those found in televisions, monitors, or touchscreens.

4. Buttons and Switches: Plastic buttons and switches used for user input and control in electronic devices, such as keyboards, remote controls, or game controllers.

5. Mounting Brackets and Clips: Plastic components used to mount and secure electronic components within a device or on a surface.


Applications that utilize injection molded plastic electronic components include:

– Consumer Electronics
– Medical devices such as insulin pumps and heart monitors
– Automotive components
– Home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators with electronic controls
– Industrial equipment
– Aerospace and defense equipment
– Game consoles and handheld gaming devices
– Smart home devices
– Wearable technology
– Audio and Video Equipment
– Electronic toys and gadgets


What types of products are produced by injection molding?

Injection molding produces a wide variety of products, components and parts. Almost every industry and countless applications use injection molded plastic parts. However, when used to manufacture consumer products and electronic components, injection molding is especially prevalent and advantageous.