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Injection mold for sale: How to Maintain Your Injection Mold and Extend Its Life

Date: 2022-8-20

Have you ever looked for the right injection mold for your product or project? Are you wasting a lot of time and money because you can’t find the right mold? If you’re looking for a company that can injection mold for sale, you’ve come to the right place. We sell injection molds and are able to customize molds according to customer requirements. How to maintain and prolong the service life of the injection mold?

You can perform maintenance on injection molds to extend the life of the mold, ensure the mold meets the part requirements, use the proper mold operating conditions, clean the mold regularly, inspect the mold regularly, and use mold coatings.

Ensure that the mold meets the part requirements: that is, the core and cavity hardness of the mold should be suitable for processing plastic materials.

Use proper operating conditions for the mold: Make sure the mold is used in the environment and process in which it was originally planned to operate to ensure there are no additional sources of stress and wear.



Using the SPI classification will help determine suitable mold operating conditions.

Regular mold cleaning: Precise cleaning and maintenance can vary by mold type, but the most common activities include regular cleaning, trimming, coating, and lubricating molds.

The frequency of repairs also depends on the resin used in the injection process.

For example, when abrasive resin is injected, cleaning and maintenance should be done more frequently.

Regular inspection of molds: Regarding maintenance, a visual inspection of problematic molds is the bare minimum.

This can be done every few days.

Checking for wear and testing early on will save money and hassle.



Use mold coatings: Coatings help reduce mold wear and damage.

The use of mold coatings has the effect of reducing mold maintenance requirements, reducing part downtime, and improving mold performance.

Carbon-based coatings are a very common choice, especially for moving parts, because they increase the lubricity of the part.

In addition to anti-slip, the coating can help prevent corrosion and seizure.

What mistakes can shorten the life of an injection mold?

Damage to injection molds can be noticed and in some cases increased due to errors in manufacturing parts.

These errors include indentation, surface delamination, streamlining, burn marks and flaring.

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