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fiberglass injection molding companies

Date: 2022-11-25

What Are Injection Molds?
Injection moldingInjection molds are hollow forms—typically made from stainless steel—into which molten plastic is injected to make the desired part or product. They have holes in the middle—referred to as mold cavities—in the shape of the part or product. In addition to the shape of the mold cavity, the number of mold cavities can vary depending on the number of different components or individual pieces that need to be produced during each cycle.

Variables that Impact the Injection Mold Cost
Tooling costs for injection molding are very high and depend on a number of parameters and design complexity. Molds for injection molding are normally CNC machined out of aluminum or tool steel, EDM machined to shape a workpiece, or 3D printed. The machined or printed part is then finished to achieve the desired standard. The finished mold consists of features such as the surface geometries needed for a part, a runner system to guide the flow of injected materials, and cooling channels to ensure the mold cools down quickly.

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