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China Home appliance plastic mold product

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China Home appliance plastic mold product

Date: 2023-9-28
China Home appliance plastic mold product
High precision mould
Part material PBT
Cavity 1L + 1R
Mould accuracy + / – 0.02
Mould steel 1.2343
Mouldbase steel 1.1730
Mould life 100W
Mould standard HASCO
Mould structure 4 slides
Exporting country Russia
Leadtime 6 weeks
Mould quality customer satisfaction 96%
FAI pass rate 98%
Project cooperation service customer satisfaction 99%


The product description of plastic mold for home appliances usually includes the following aspects


Material: To ensure durability and longevity, the mold is usually made of high quality steel or aluminum alloy.

Design: The mold is designed according to the specific requirements of the part to be made for home appliances. It includes features such as size, shape, functionality and aesthetic considerations.

Precision and accuracy: The mold ensures that the replication of the desired plastic component is precise and accurate. This includes details such as surface finish, dimensions and tolerances.

Process of injection molding: The mold is used in conjunction with an injection molding machine for the production of plastic parts. It allows molten plastic to enter the mold cavity where it cools and solidifies to form the desired shape.

Tooling features: Tooling features, such as ejector pins, slides, and cooling channels, may be incorporated into the mold. These features aid in ejecting and cooling the plastic part during the molding process.

Quality Control: To ensure that the final product meets required standards, the mold is subjected to rigorous quality control measures. This includes inspection of the molds’ dimensions, surface finish and functionality.

Customization: To meet specific design requirements, plastic molds for home appliances can be customized. They can accommodate a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions based on the specific appliance part that is being produced.