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Car Parts


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TKB specialize in injection molding service for auto molding parts, good quality and fast delivery wins the trust from more and more customers. Currently with ISO9001:2015 certified.TS16949 is on schedule.
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Mold #:TKB20009

Product Description: Fuel Rail

Part Material: Dupont Zytel 70G33HSIL BK31(PA66+GF33)

Part Weight: 106g

Injection Machine Size: 250T

Mold Cavity: 1X1

Mold Cavity Steel: 738

Mold Size: 350 X 1882 X 396mm

Mold Weight: 670KG

Gate: Edge gate

Sliders/Lifters: 5 sliders

Mold Shot: 50K

Injection Lead Time: 7~30 working days


Plastic molding factory TKB injection molding China specializes in injection molding parts manufacturing for most industries at premium quality and good price.


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