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Automotive Mould

Automotive Mould


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TKB Mold China is an ISO 9001:2015 registered mould manufacturer professional for automotive mould manufacturing. Factory equipped with advanced manufacturing machines such as CNC, EDM, Grinding, Spotting machines, as well as inspection measuring equipment and tools such as CMM, projector, hardness tester, height gauge.Meanwhile, supported by a professional team from designer, project management to engineering sales. These are the basis to ensure a qualified automotive mould built. Contact TKB mold China Now!

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Automotive Mould

Mold #: TKB18056

Product Description: Case Rear

Mold Cavity: 1+1

Mold Cavity Steel: 718H

Mold Size: 300X450X460mm

Gate: Edge gate

Sliders/Lifters:2 sliders

Mold Shot: 300K

Lead Time: 30 working days

Cycle Time: 45s

Part Material: ABS 757

Part Weight: 17.6g

Injection Machine Size: 150T

Part Finishing: Metal Blue Painting

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