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Automotive mold production China

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Automotive mold production China

Date: 2023-11-11
Automotive mold production China

Custom automotive plastic injection molded parts are manufactured in China by TKB Mold. Not only do we run plastic parts on custom automotive plastic injection molding machines, we also manufacture tooling for these operations and are able to provide automotive connector molding to many customers.

Our factories in China produce large and small automotive molds, such as custom automotive molds, automotive bumpers, automotive connector molds, dashboards, trim panels, body panels and mini car refrigerators. TKB Mold Company can manufacture virtually any plastic part to suit any of your needs. For more information about TKB Mold as an automotive tool manufacturer, please visit our Custom Tools page. Visit: https://www.tkbmold.com//mold-design.html


TKB Mold is able to use all types of engineering-grade resins to produce custom automotive plastic injection molded products that require tight tolerance specifications and superior quality and aesthetics. We offer a variety of CAD software programs to ensure we can help you with most of today’s programs.

From our China factory, we can ship to anywhere in the world. Please call to confirm delivery time for large items to your city.