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Auto Parts Mould

Auto Parts Mould


Short Description:

Auto Parts Mould for rear lamp frame. TKB people with rich experiences in injection mold industry, is willing to help customer to solve the injection mold and injection molding problems and create more value, contact TKB Mold China Now to know more! Emma.tan@tkbkl.com | +86 18933517568 | www.tkbmold.com

Mold #: YJ012G L+R

Product Description: automotive rear lamp frame

Mold Cavity: 1+1

Mold Cavity Steel: 316

Mold Size: 700*600*600 mm

Mold Weight: 670KG

Gate: Edge gate

Sliders/Lifters: sliders

Mold Shot: 500k

Lead Time:40 working days

Part Material: PC/ABSC6600-701

Part Weight: 136.5 g

Part Size: 180X166X221

Injection Machine Size: 450T

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