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Auto Molds

Auto Molds


Short Description:

TKB manufacture auto molds for global automotive & vehicle industries such as BMW, Toyota, Audi… with stable quality and efficient production. the types of plastic injection auto molds TKB build including lamp, door panel, over-molding bar, fuel rail, connector, switch, relay, sensors, actuators, terminal, valve, handle and other body accessories. We are becoming the creative auto molds makers in China.

To make good auto molds, to begin with a good design and DFM analysis is quite important to avoid future amendment which is cost and timing consuming.

As mentioned to DFM, TKB also has the following strict project management procedure for auto molds:

→quotation stage

→launching stage

→design stage (DFM analysis, Mold flow analysis, mold design)

→auto molds manufacturing stage (CMM quality control)

→ auto molds trial stage (test report, FAI report)

→fine tuning stage

→shipment stage

→aftersales stage.

Meanwhile, to choose a right material for auto molds is one of the most important factors. With hundreds of engineering resins available on the market today, TKB almost has no limit to the material selection.
So TKB remains your reliable auto molds supplier.

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