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Being a mold making supplier with over 15 years experiences in the mold industry allows TKB to provide one stop service including prototyping, mold design, material selection, mold manufacturing, injection molding, logo printing, related parts sourcing, assembly and packing.

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The workpiece manufactured by the mold according to the process specification should meet the requirements of all the precision and surface quality specified in the mold design drawing and can be manufactured in batches.
When making molds, we should strive to shorten the cycle of mold manufacturing. For this reason, we should shorten the forming process time, formulate reasonable procedures, formulate scientific process standards, use equipment economically and reasonably, and adopt group manufacturing processes.
In order to reduce the investment in mold manufacturing, it is necessary to use materials reasonably, reduce the mold manufacturing cycle, and strive to improve the service life of the mold.
According to the existing conditions, the production of molds should try to adopt new processes, new technologies, and new materials, so that the molds have higher economic benefits and technical levels.
The mold fitter should operate under the conditions of noise, harmful gas, dust, high temperature, and low temperature not exceeding the standard to ensure a good working environment.

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MOLD TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD! TKB Manufacture TOP quality molds and create more values to the customers and the world.

Partial industries we've cooperated, whether you are or aren’t in the industries, never mind, as every mold design is unique to your product.

Innovation is the forever topic and driving force for sustainable development of TKB

Partial industries we've cooperated, whether you are or aren’t in the industries, never mind, as every mold design is unique to your product.

As the saying goes, well begun is half done! TKB has rich experiences in mold technology, we will be your right China mold maker to start your project with!

Partial industries we've cooperated, whether you are or aren’t in the industries, never mind, as every mold design is unique to your product.

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